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Rainproof LED Power Supply

Rain-proof LED Power Supply, Suitable for outdoor use



Rain-shield type Output Power Output Current (at 12V) AC Input Voltage Range Weight Size (mm) Pieces /carton
BGE-12060KB 60W 5A 170~250V 0,52kg 120×141×56 20
BGE-12120KB 120W 10A 170~250V 1kg 186*57 20
BGE-12150KB 150W 12.5A 170~250V 1kg 186*57 20
BGE-12240KB 240W 20A 170~250V 1.2kg 196*62 10
BGE-12360KB 360W 30A 170~250V 1.2kg 242*135*62 10
BGE-12400KB 400W 33.3A 170~250V 1.2kg 242*135*62 10



  • With slide cover, the power supply can be shielded from rain/snow
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Fine ventilation design
  • 100% full load burn-in tested
  • Endurable, stable and reliable quality
  • 24V model is available at the same output power range with same size


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