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LED bulbs give plenty of benefits either in a domestic or in an industrial use.


Reduce energy consumption.

The LED lamps have excellent ratio for consumption efficiency compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs. In applications such as: streets lamps, traffic lights, illuminated signs. The energy savings can reach the amazing number up to 90%. You will find the similar results in household applications, when you will replace old and inefficient incandescent light bulbs.


Zero radiation, reducing heat

The LED bulbs have no ultraviolet radiation and have a significant reduction in the emission of heat from diodes. The benefits are great.


Long life and durability.

The average lifetime of light-emitting diodes are tens of thousands of hours and can be exceed up to 100,000 hours, always in relation to environmental factors such as the environment, the constant current power, the heat in the room etc. It is also important that the LED lamps are highly resistant to vibration.


Save space and elegance.

Thanks to the very small size of LEDs and the possibility of combining multiple applications and devices, the LED bulbs can combine small size and elegancy with the desired efficiency and brightness.


Safe, silent and smooth mode.

The low voltage LED lamps offer high safety use. The operation is silent with no annoying hum. The total illumination intensity comes instantly when you switch on the light and it is also possible to modulate the light intensity with a simple dimmer.


Many different colors.

Although the primary use is focused on creating white light LED lamps, the bulbs can produce a great variety of colors thanks to the combination of the basic color LEDs (RGB - Red, green, blue). By using special audit you can choose the colors depending on your mood and your desire in any occasion.




Did you replace conventional light bulbs with LED?


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