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The BGE-Led (Bright Green Energy) company was based on the principles of green living and the ongoing support of organizations and agencies that uphold personal and planetary health. The employees have years of experience in lighting, and many of them are among the people who made the deference in the field of energy, for a better future in a better planet.


The new LED technology that BGE trades in the lighting sector, can offer new lamps with low energy consumption with significant benefits compared with the previous incandescent light bulb technology, and multiple advantages over the equally "new" CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulb technology.


The energy "economy" of LEDs technology light bulb is up to 90% compared with incandescent light bulb, and up to 50% compared to CFLs. A very important element of green energy is the absence of mercury, a very aggravating metal for the environmental, in the manufacturing of LED bulbs as opposed to "green" compact fluorescent lamps who contains 5 mg of mercury per lamp.
Another very important achievement of the Light Emitting Diodes technology is the significantly longer product life compared with both incandescent and fluorescent lamps.



Did you replace conventional light bulbs with LED?


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